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City of Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Municipal Outdoor Performing Arts Venue (Current Project)

The subject site is currently owned by The City of Tuscaloosa which has reportedly owned the property since the 1930s. Historical documents obtained by Bullock personnel during this assessment revealed that, before the early 1940s, the property contained two large ravines on the portion currently located north of Jack Warner Parkway and Stallworth Lake located on the southeastern corner of the site in the current location of the Farmers Market. In subsequent years, the ravines and lake were used as depositories for debris and uncontrolled fill. Material encountered in the fill areas during previous subsurface exploration ranged from construction debris (glass, wood, concrete, etc.) to municipal solid waste (MSW). The property was leveled in the 1960s to cover the debris while the existing structures and pavements were constructed in the 1980s. An athletic park was also constructed on the property in the 1980s and was active until The City of Tuscaloosa began importing clean soil for fill in approximately 2007.

Bullock Environmental, LLC is working with the City of Tuscaloosa to assess the property and evaluate soil, groundwater, and subsurface methane concentrations through the Alabama Land Recycling & Economic Redevelopment Act (ALRERA) Program. Our work resulted in the design of a vapor recovery system to be installed during construction of the amphitheater that will mitigate the accumulation of landfill gas in the MOPAV structures. The remedial system will be installed in October 2009. Bullock personnel will oversee the operation and maintenance of the system. The MOPAV facility will open for its first event in September 2010.

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