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Stockham Valve & Fittings

Birmingham, AL

The former Stockham Valves site, located in Birmingham, Alabama operated as a pipe valve manufacturer from approximately 1918 until 1998. Various operations at the facility included a casting area, a brass foundry, and molding, threading and tapping facilities and created soil and groundwater contamination in the form of metals and petroleum distillates. Several attempts at selling the property between 1997 and 2007 failed due to the complications associated with the noted contamination issues. Bullock Environmental, LLC has worked with the purchaser to conduct appropriate assessment, successfully enroll the property into the Alabama VCP, and quantified the risks of property purchase on behalf of the buyer. Upon acceptance into the VCP, the purchaser closed on the property in May 2007. Bullock Environmental, LLC is currently working with the new property owner to complete remediation at the site. ADEM reviewed and approved a Voluntary Cleanup Implementation for the site in May 2008, which documented the remediation of over 60% of the property. ADEM issued a Letter of Concurrence in July 2008, releasing the purchaser from further liability. Completion of the first phase of remediation has allowed the property begin its return as a revitalized component to the City of Birmingham by adding new tax revenue, jobs, and increasing surrounding property values.

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